About Falcon Trikes

At Falcon Trikes our purpose has become, 
"Keeping Lifetime Riders Safely On The Road"

Seeing the increased number of maxi-scooters on the road and understanding these motorcycles make an ideal platform for a trike, we developed the Falcon Trikes Burgman 650 trike conversion. This did not happen over night! In fact, it was a multi-year project that took more time, resources, and determination than we ever anticipated. We had some setbacks along the way, but as with anything worth doing, we realized perseverance and reward often go hand-in-hand. 

The challenge quickly became giving the rider what they want
at an affordable price.

In the early stages, we could achieve half the equation but not the other half. However, after years of performance optimization and cost analysis, we believe we have succeeded.

The result is an affordable, easy to ride, powerful trike for the Burgman scooter. A true three-wheel trike that handles, performs, and looks great!

To learn more call us now at 720-384-8942.